Fatick Diarrère : Macky Sall largement devant…

FATICK, SENEGAL - FEBRUARY 24: President Macky Sall shows his finger covered with electoral ink after casting his vote at a polling station on February 24, 2019 in Fatick, Senegal. 6.7 million voters are expected to cast their vote in the West African country for a second term of President Macky Sall or a second round which would open possibilities to the other candidates. (Photo by Xaume Olleros/Getty Images)

Dans le village de gardiam commune Diarrère, sur 171 votants Macky a obtenu 163 voix, Idy 5, Sonko 3 Madické 0 pur 0….

[18h57] : Darou Salam, Commune de Thiahar : Macky Sall, 81 voix, Ousmane Sonko, 4 voix, Idrissa Seck, 18 voix, Issa Sall, 1 voix, Madické Niang, 0

[18h55] : Bambey, Commune Keur Samba Kane, bureau 3 : Macky Sall, 28 voix, Ousmane Sonko, 9, Madické Niang, 2, Issa Sall, 0 voix, Idrissa Seck, 32 voix


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